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Pure Michigan and the Problem of Praise

Not Just a Formality

After trust has been broken, forgiveness is more than a mere formality.


The Psalms are God's words, given to us as an entryway into His presence.

Raising the Praise

Every day and everywhere they go, the followers of Jesus bring the "echo" of Easter with them.

The Latest Polls

What people think about something--that's a poll. What that something actually is--that's the truth.

How Well Does Jesus Know Me?

The God who knows everything about you is also the God of grace who forgives on account of Christ.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus never needed to take a poll to figure out who He was or what He should do.

If It Seems Slow, Wait for It

Some ideas spread slowly. That doesn't make them bad ideas. Dr. Michael Zeigler talks about God's slow solution to setting a broken world right.

Pulling for Others

How did two young men start out with similar circumstances but end up in such different places? Was it the choices they made or the pull that others had on their lives?

Two Mindsets

The Law of God is a test that judges all who take it. The Gospel is the Good News that Jesus passed the test, in our place.