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Redeeming DIY

What Is Evangelism?

How do you encourage someone to receive the gift God has for them? That's what evangelism is all about.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

What fills the heart that has no room to forgive?

Forgiveness Is a Gift from Far Away

Forgiveness is a gift Christ won for us on a cross, thousands of miles away and two thousand years ago.

The Battleground of Forgiveness

God's forgiveness covers our sins-but it's not a coverup!

How Could She Ever Forgive Him?

Dr. Michael Zeigler explains why it's not a contradiction to offer forgiveness while insisting on justice.

As We Forgive

Dr. Michael Zeigler discusses forgiveness--what it is and what it isn't.

The Exit from Regret

When life becomes an endless roundabout of regret, Christ is your entrance to forgiveness and a new start.

Community and Conversation

This Christmas Eve, God wants to be found in the human community gathered in the name of Jesus and in the conversation connected with Him.

Life After Landing

What happens when a passenger suddenly has to be the pilot? Dr. Michael Zeigler talks about the power of words to save.