Hunters on how they found missing Idaho teen


HAYDEN, Idaho -Right place, right time: it's a phrase both 15-year-old Ryle Gordon and his stepfather, Chris Trumbich, repeat when they recall finding Kathryn "Katie" Ogle.

"We left the house thinking, 'Hey, we're going to hopefully see some deer," Gordon said.

The two were on a hunting trip, as we first told you when we initially talked to the pair on Sunday. Today, Gordon and Trumbich showed us their family cabin, where Ogle wrote "HELP," and walked us through what happened:

It was just another hunting trip for 15-year-old Ryles Gordon and his stepdad Chris Trumbich at their family cabin in Hayden. They started getting closer and saw the search party for Kathryn 'Katie' Ogle.

"We found out before we left that there was a missing girl up there," Trumbich said.

"I told Chris, we'd probably be their best help because we know this place like the back of our hand," Gordon said.

They drove four miles up a dirt road to their family cabin, which is so narrow that only one car can travel on it at a time. That's when they saw a message written on the ground, etched in dirt, that said "HELP."

Trumbich initially thought it could've been another hunter, leaving a message for another fellow hunter to help carry dear carcasses. But Gordon almost immediately thought of Gordon, told Trumbich that something "felt creepy" and took a picture of it just in case it turned out to be something.

That picture ended up being the thing that Gordon showed to rescue workers miles away. Gordon said the group was starting to pack up for the night, but saw the picture and immediately sprang back into action.

Several rescue workers followed Gordon and Trumbich up to where they found the message. Trumbich said there were several cars there, making it hard to hear quiet noises. After they turned off all machinery, Trumbich said the group heard Ogle.

"He (rescue worker) turns around and yells, 'Hello?' Then, we heard a 'Hello' over the ridge," Trumbich said.

They followed the faint voice through some high grass and down a steep hill, where they found Ogle next to a sleeping bag. They asked her what her name was, she replied "Katie" and the search was over.

However, there is one thing both Trumbich and Gordon wanted to tell Ogle.

"She looked very scared when she came out, like she was scared she was going to get in trouble like we were going to yell at her for being in the cabin. Katie, if you're watching this, we're just happy you're alive," Gordon said.

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