Trailer used by Spokane non-profit gets stolen


SPOKANE, Wash. -Serve Spokane is in need of some service themselves. The non-profit that serves hungry families in the community, had their trailer stolen.

They use that trailer to feed nearly 1,500 people a month. But now, that's no longer possible.

"Life throws curve balls, and it's hard sometimes," Cathy DelPizzo said.

This curve ball, came in the form of a stolen trailer.

"Tuesday when I came in, it wasn't here," Vinny DelPizzo said.

Vinny and Cathy DelPizzo are administrators for Serve Spokane.

"People shouldn't be hungry, and it's really our privilege to fill in that gap," Cathy DelPizzo said.

The couple told KHQ that Serve Spokane is one of the largest food distributors in the county.

"On our biggest days, we have 50 to 60 families come," Cathy DelPizzo said.

They said Serve Spokane has never turned anyone away.

"They just needed that little help in between," Cathy DelPizzo said.

The couple said this week, someone stole the trailer they use to transport food.

"We're not going to stop feeding people, obviously we're going to make it work, it's just a little more complicated," Cathy DelPizzo said.

Serve Spokane was planning on expanding the products they bring in. But without that trailer, they said that'll be impossible.

Vinny and Cathy DelPizzo will continue working with what they have, to feed the people of Spokane.

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