Freeman parent-teacher group president under investigation for theft


FREEMAN, Wash. -The Spokane Valley Police Department is investigating a report of theft at Freeman High School.

Detectives say there's evidence that shows the president of the Freeman School District Parent-Teacher Student Group stole more than $6,000 from the group's Banner Bank account. According to documents released Wednesday, police say there should be between $13,000 and $18,000 in the account. This past August, the account had $245 in it.

The account is used for scholarships and detectives say students who were promised scholarship money never received it.

The president, who has not yet been charged, said in a text to another member of the group that her personal expenses were somehow being deducted from the group's account.  Detectives don't believe that's possible.

Documents say the president went shopping at Walmart, Target, Nordstroms and other stores -- all on the parent-teacher group's dime. All totaling more than $6,000.

Detectives say there's evidence she willfully changed paperwork to get better access to the PTSG account, but they continue to investigate.

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