Thieves ransack woman's rental car, destroy car seats


SPOKANE, Wash. -Car break-ins don't usually make news headlines, but this one caught our eye because of just how "out of the way" the thief went to ruin a family's day.

Miranda Jones says someone smashed the window of her rental car, and stole everything they could get their hands on, including the back seat's floor mats.

And then, they did something else. Jones says they cut the straps on all three car seats in her car. They didn't take the car seats, they simply destroyed them.

"I mean they took everything out of the car, they took sippy cups that didn't have anything in them. Even tic-tacs, which is weird, why would you want somebody's stuff? They even opened a new package of gum and left half," Jones said.

Jones is happy to report her insurance is replacing the car seats, but she wanted to remind everyone that a diaper bag left behind in the back seat is an open invitation to thieves to break in.

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