Spokane Wishing Star volunteer lives out wish of her own


SPOKANE, Wash. -Last week, we introduced you to an elderly volunteer for the Wishing Star Foundation. After a colon cancer diagnosis, she spent her days making 850 blankets for families the Wishing Star crew works with. With the cancer spreading to other organs, she had a wish of her own.

"There isn't anything more they can do," Patricia Basler said. "I'm not ready to go yet."

Over the summer, she was told she likely only had six months to live. Between hospice and her loving daughter Gina, she's as comfortable as she can be. She says she spends much of her time day dreaming about a final wish.

"This is my last request, to go on a helicopter ride," she said.

When Gina contacted the Wishing Star Foundation to tell them about her mother's wish, they reached out to KHQ's Hayley Guenthner. Their criteria allows them to help those battling life threatening diseases, ages three to 21.

Hayley immediately reached out to Joe with Eagle Helicopters. He immediately agreed to make it happen. Tuesday was the big day.

"There's nothing in the whole world, nothing, that could mean as much as this does," Patricia said.

"This was the most awesome thing in my life that could have happened to me," she said.

Patricia made 850 blankets for the Wishing Star Foundation, just shy of her goal of 1,000. A group is working to help reach that goal in her name. If you're interested in helping them, search for their Facebook  group, "Basler's Blankets for Wishing Star Foundation."

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