First of four suspects faces jury in rare 'no body' murder case


SPOKANE, Wash. -Detectives never recovered the body of murder victim Bret Snow, but that didn't stop them for arresting four people for their alleged roles in his homicide. This week, the first of the four, Colby Vodder, is facing a jury. This is one of Spokane County's only 'no body' homicide cases.

Vodder's murder trial began Monday. The prosecution rested their case Thursday after calling the lead detective, a cell phone data expert and others to the stand. The defense is expected to call their own witnesses on Monday.

Bret Snow, 34, vanished back in December of 2015. Detectives say witnesses told them those involved spoke openly about murdering him and dismembering his body. His remains, and a murder weapon, are yet to be recovered.

Snow's family was in court Thursday and said they just hope for justice.

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