Cougar sighting in Five Mile neighborhood


SPOKANE, Wash. -A cougar was spotted in the Five Mile neighborhood late Saturday night.

"We've come up that hill a million times and there are a few deer usually, maybe a dog or a cat," said Jeremy Weaver. "And we're driving up and out of nowhere, we saw a big yellow flash. It had big shoulders, big paws, a long tail. Unmistakable it was a cougar."

Weaver says the large cat darted in-and-out of half-built homes in the growing neighborhood.

"It was probably cooking at about 35-40 miles an hour," said Weaver. "It was so fast."

The Department of Fish and Wildlife say cougars aren't super common in that area, but as homes continue to get built closer to their habitat it's not a big surprise.

The DFW says if you see a cougar, look as large as you can and make a lot of noise. You want the cougar the know you aren't something they should mess with.

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