South Hill construction causes school bus woes


SPOKANE, Wash. -Navigating your way around Spokane's South Hill can be tricky because of construction, but one mom asked KHQ to investigate after she says the construction cut her son off from school.

It's not just this one student but several that were left behind by the school bus driver, all because their regular stop was behind the traffic cones.

"Most of these kids were out here up until at least 9 o'clock in the morning waiting for the school bus. Not one parent had been notified," said Crystal Hovater, whose son takes this bus. 

Crystal's son falls on the autism spectrum. Their apartment complex is surrounded by construction. Which started last week and the signs have been posted since then detouring traffic around the repaving. Tell that to the bus driver, who turned around rather than find a way through.

"On Monday morning, yesterday morning Durham didn't pick any of the kids up. They said they could not come down the road top pick the kids up because of the roadblock signs," said Crystal.

The solution, according to Crystal? Walk her son and the neighborhood kids out of the construction zone. To the intersection of either Palouse Highway and Freya or down to Regal and Palouse Highway.

" I could not believe they told me to take 12 kids that I do not know and walk them down one or two intersections and then call them, and the school bus would meet us. Other than that they weren't going to be able to pick up the kids," Crystal said

Crystal wants someone held accountable so this doesn't happen again.

"I think I'd like them to take responsibility they can't just blame the construction workers. they've known about this since it started last week they had to of know that this was going to be an issue."

KHQ contacted Spokane Public Schools, and they said that a plan was already in place for the bus to enter and exit the construction zone. Durham tells KHQ that they are also aware and are looking into it.

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