CdA parents concerned over Zipfizz sale; school district responds


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -Ashley Bales says her daughter came home from school one day and told her about classmates at Woodland Middle School selling something she was concerned with, Zipfizz.

"With my daughter having a preexisting health conditions it got me concerned for other kids in the same position to be being sold that without their parents having knowledge of it," Bales said.

Bales says her daughter also took a sip out of one of her friends Zipfizz drinks which also concerned her.

"This caffeine can have long-term effects on children, four to six hours," Bales said.

Compared to a Monster and Red Bull, which each have close to 200 milligrams of caffeine per can, Zipfizz has 100 milligrams per serving. But according to the companies website, it up to the parents to see if zipfizz is suitable for their children.

Bales says she brought her concerns to both the school and the district as a whole.

The school district says the school's student government was selling the caffeine drink mix as a fundraiser.

In a statement, the district says that Zipfizz will not be sold while school is in session, but will now be sold at extracurricular activities and 30 minutes after instruction at the middle school level.

The change, Bales says, will help her and other parents.

"I know that kids will try things, but the parents should have a say in what their kids are trying," Bales said.

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