Spokane County Deputy helps girl getting stitches


SPOKANE, Wash. -Deputy Tim Jones is not just a Spokane Sheriff's Deputy to some he is a loving father, but to one girl 7-year-old Avayah Deputy Jones is her hero "Sometimes in our profession we have a moment that might not be related to any of our work. This was a moment that I just felt compelled," said Deputy Tim Jones of the Spokane County Sheriff's Department.

Deputy Jones was at Valley Hospital while on duty when he heard screaming coming from one of the rooms in the ER. He was curious as to what was happening "I poked my head into the room and getting some stitches by the ER doctor," said Jones.

Avayah didn't want to get stitches but Deputy Jones calmed Avayah down.  He reassured her everything was going to be okay after she was bitten by a dog near her eye "He was trying to suture up, and she kept moving around, so I offered to help, and before you knew it I was talking to her for I don't know how long.. Holding her hand when I could," added Jones.

That seemed to have calmed her down. That was in March fast forward to October; Jones got a call from his supervisor after Avayah picked Jones as her superhero for her class project "I was a little astounded. I am a very humble person to me I look back on it she's the trooper she's the  soldier all I happened to be was in the right place at the right time, "said Jones

Deputy Jones said he got a little teary eyed when Avayah presented the award to him "I was glad that I was there and I think that any deputy any officer had been there at the same time they would have done the same thing, so I consider myself pretty lucky," said Jones.

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