Remembering Eddie Daniels: memorial held in honor of Spokane teenager


SPOKANE, Wash. -Hundreds of different people from various backgrounds gathered together for the same purpose on Sunday: honoring and remembering the life of Eddie Daniels, the 15-year-old shot and killed in downtown Spokane on Wednesday night.

Members of Daniels' family were also in attendance, including his mother. She's raised Daniels' and his siblings alone since her husband died over a decade ago, according to multiple friends of the family. When Daniels' mother arrived and stepped out of her car, hundreds of attendees stopped in their tracks and stood in place. Fighting back tears as she was led inside by one of the organizers (Jeff Ross), Daniels' mother was met with person after person, paying their respects to both her and the late Eddie Daniels.

The vigil included a rap/hip-hop concert, including a performance from three of Daniels' close friends. The trio performed a song they wrote about Daniels after he died, including lyrics like "R.I.P. to my brother, Eddie."

To help Daniels' family with funeral expenses, click here.

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