Pullman Police issue 'Attempt to Locate' for 'WSU Popcorn Guy'


PULLMAN, Wash. -It's a moment that proudly lives in WSU football history. 

September 28, 2013. 

WSU is losing to Stanford. The score isn't important, but let's just say it was a lot. Ok, fine. It was 41-3 early in the 4th quarter (They lost 55-17). The cameras of ESPN turned their attention to one lonely Coug fan in the 300 level. 

There was one man. His feet were reclined, his arms were sprawled. Despite the score and the rainy weather, he was a symbol of relaxation and sorrow at the same time. But he still had some popcorn left. And in front of the nation, he went for it. 

Known now only as "WSU Popcorn Guy", he tilted his head back and without a care in the world, emptied the rest of his bag of popcorn in his mouth. Or at least, attempted to. He was about as successful as when Stone Cold Steve Austin slams two beers together and pours them into his mouth. He might get about 4 oz of the two 12 oz beers combined, but it looks cool. And so did WSU popcorn guy. 

He was an instant hit. The announcers loved him and the internet followed. Then, suddenly, like a popcorn-loving Batman, he was gone. 

Who is he? 

With ESPN's College Gameday coming to Pullman for the first time on Saturday, the producers and the Pullman Police Department want to find the notorious "WSU Popcorn Guy." 

ESPN College Gameday location in Pullman set

Pullman PD issued an "Attempt To Locate" alert on Facebook Tuesday morning. The ATL is purely for entertainment purposes as the department noted, "Aside from stealing the show" he has committed no crime. College GameDay would simply like to find out who he is and get him on the show five years after his infamous p-corn binge. 

Some are commenting that he doesn't want to be found. One person commented, "This guy is embarrassed and does not want the attention or be known for it. My son is a friend."

There is no need to be embarrassed WSU Popcorn Guy. With GameDay coming to town, you're the hero Pullman deserves AND the one it needs right now.

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