Former Washington State Bar Association president charged with theft


SPOKANE, Wash. -Just two years ago Robin Haynes was named the youngest Washington State Bar Association President in its history, But she had to step down last year after a criminal warrant was filed against her. Now the Spokane County Prosecutor's office is filing more charges, including identity theft. 

Newly filed court documents detail an elaborate scheme to allegedly defraud two law firms Haynes worked for and the Washington State Bar Association while she was president. The 40-year-old Haynes is facing multiple counts of second-degree theft and identity theft charges.

The documents say Haynes used law firm credit cards without permission to allegedly make political donations, pay for personal travel expenses and even used a client's account to charge a personal gym membership.

According to the documents, Haynes also booked a hotel in Seattle 10 months after she was let go from one of the law firms. But it isn't  just goods or services she's accused of stealing - investigators claim she swindled nearly $11,000 over a two year period between October 2013 and December 2015 from the law firm Whitherspoon Kelley and took roughly $4,000 from the McNeice Wheeler law firm between April 2016 and December 2016.

Between April 2014 and September 2016 she allegedly took more than $1,500 from the Washington State Bar Association. The law firm  McNeice Wheeler declined to comment. Haynes is expected to make a first appearance on October 29th, 2018.

Haynes' attorney Kevin Curtis provided this statement:

"We are extremely disappointed that after 20 months the prosecutor has now decided to file charges. We have not received any investigative reports and will not be making any further statements until we have had the opportunity to thoroughly review and investigate the charges, including the issues surrounding the delay."


Law firm Witherspoon • Kelley President provided this statement:

“We were disappointed to learn that Ms. Haynes chose to retain Washington State Bar Association expense reimbursements previously advanced by our firm for her personal financial gain. Since then, we have cooperated fully in the investigation and trust the judicial process will lead to the appropriate outcome.”

Washington State Bar Association provided this statement:

“We recognize Ms. Haynes’ leadership in the organization for more than seven years, including as a New and Young Lawyer at-large board member and WSBA President,” said WSBA President William Pickett. “We have cooperated with law enforcement authorities in their investigation. We cannot make further comments at this time.”

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