Hayden man shares story of Grizzly attack while bow hunting in Montana


BOZEMAN, Mont. -A Facebook post by Bob Legasa of Hayden, Idaho is going viral after he survived a grizzly attack while bow hunting in Montana.

Legasa says in the post:

"My hunting partner Greg Gibson and I surprised a Sow grizzly and her cub as we were moving in on some Elk. We walked up to with in 12 yards when we all saw each other And before I could even reach for my bear spray she was at full charge"

Legasa says the sow knocked him down and he had to raise an arm to protect his face while Gibson moved into position to help.

"Greg was only a few steps behind me and he was able to get his bear spray out and give one shot to the bear which stopped her and she reared up and came towards him, he was able to give her one more blast where she and her cub retreated."

Legasa says he and Gibson headed for Livingston for treatment.

"My arm is broken in two spots where she grabbed on with her mouth and I have a nice couple of scratches on my face where she got me with her claws."

Because of concerns about the severity of the injuries, Legasa was transferred to Bozeman where he will remain until at least Monday.

 "Huge shout out for my hunting partner Greg has his quick response was able to minimize the damage and severity of this attack.

All in all I am in good shape.My arm is screwed up a little and sore and the vision is good, I will be fine."

Legasa also offered his thanks to the medical teams in Livingston and Bozeman.

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