Texas man thanks the city of Wallace for an act of kindness, 56 years later


WALLACE, Idaho -In 1962 Seattle hosted a World's Fair and it attracted attention from, as you'd imagine, the world. It also attracted the attention of three recent high school graduates from Odessa, Texas who had stars in the eyes and plan to take over the world.

The three young men decided they'd spend the summer road tripping to the World's Fair in Seattle, spend a few weeks there, see what happens, then come back home... or not. Life, as it often does, had other plans.

Their truck blew out just outside of Wallace, Idaho and their summer instantly became something very different. They boys spent two weeks in Wallace and say their time in North Idaho was the best part of the trip. 

So why are we talking about it today, 56 years after this all happened? Because one of those boys, Walt Jordan, just wrote to the Wallace Chamber of Commerce to thank the town for the act of kindness shown to three strangers in the summer of 1962.

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