Kendall Yards developer buys bus passes for residents


SPOKANE, Wash. -Roughly 1,400 people will have access to free bus passes thanks to Kendall Yards developer, Jim Frank.

In an effort to make Kendall Yards a pedestrian-oriented neighborhood, Frank partnered with the Spokane Transit Authority to buy annual bus passes for everyone who lives and works in the booming part of town.

"We've had a lot of people signing up," said Frank. "Over half the people that are signing up are people that are either not frequent bus users or have never used the bus."

Frank's generosity is also an effort to minimize the parking problems and traffic in Kendall Yards. Instead of adding additional parking spaces and lots, Frank believes people will save money by taking advantage of free public transportation.

"It costs a lot of money to build a parking space," said Frank. "You're paying for the land and construction and maintenance."

Over the next year, STA will track the number of people who are using the bus to get to and from Kendall Yards and provide that information to Frank.

"I think that transit can fit in the business model for developers who are looking at how to manage parking and walkable space and space for cars," said STA CEO, Susan Meyer.

If the pilot program is a success, Frank says they will raise parking rates in Kendall Yards to cover the cost of future free passes. 

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