Spokanimal welcomes eight puppies rescued from South Korean meat farm


SPOKANE, Wash. -The Humane Society of The United States rescued these dogs in South Korea, and it's the 13th farm they've busted. These eight pups from overseas are excited to be stateside and can't wait to find a new home right here in the Inland Northwest thanks to Spokanimal.

The dogs range from a German Shepard mix, a Maltese and Korean Jindo's. They're all younger than a year old. The dogs have already been chipped and sterilized before they are adopted. Executive Director of Spokanimal Dori Peck is excited that these pups made it all the here and now are eager to find them a new home.

"When the Humane Society of the United States contacted me and asked if we were willing to take some of these guys I was like absolutely. This is just an amazing global reach to the world to help," said Peck.

While not typical in America, dog meat has been part of Korean cuisine for a long time. But many people here in the united states are shocked that dog meat farms exist. The farm's conditions are horrendous... The dogs are locked in smalled cages.

"I think a lot of it people think maybe that's an old wives tale you know you hear about it. It's not necessarily something people think is true, and it's absolutely very very true," said Peck.

In June, a South Korean court ruled that the killing of dogs for meat is illegal. They are clarifying the laws about dog meat consumption saying that meat consumption was not a legal reason to kill dogs.

"In America view our cats and our dogs as our beloved family members," said Peck. "So we are really excited that reaching out into the world that other countries are assimilating to the same goals and values. and so it's a huge step." 

The prices to adopt the eight pups will range between $200 and $275 the regular price for adoptions. For more information click here.

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