Spokane's Terrain art show enters its 11th year


SPOKANE, Wash. -For the eleventh year running, the Terrain art show is back. Held in the Jensen-Byrd  building on Main, preview night is held Thursday from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The community is welcome to come meet the 267 local artists that are featuring their pieces in the Terrain art show. On Thursday, tickets are $25, because it's a more intimate setting. But Friday night, it's free.

If you're thinking about coming to the Terrain art show Friday, here's what you can expect: Live music, paintings, sculptures and some art that even comes to life.

The co-founder of the show, Ginger Ewing, wants people to know that every artist featured is from Spokane.

"If we want to keep our young and creative people in Spokane, we need to support them. This is a really good way to do that," Ewing said.

Friday's show is from 5 until midnight. The founders said last year 9,000 people came through.

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