Spokane chef hopes to share food with the world in new magazine


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane woman took her two favorite things, cooking and writing, mixed them together, and now she's releasing a new cookbook, "Where Women Cook." Just in time for the holidays.

Celeste Shaw grew up on a small Montana farm. She can still remember helping grandma cook, even at the age of two.

"Always comfort food, whatever we grew, we cooked," Shaw said.

Shaw has been feeding the region for years, with her restaurant Chaps. Now, she hopes to share her dishes with the world.

"I really am proud that I now get to share her story," Shaw said.

This week, for the first time, Shaw saw her magazine at Barnes and Noble.

"To see the final product, and hold the print in your hand, is the most remarkable feeling," Shaw said.

Shaw's passion for cooking has turned into something her grandma can be proud of.

"I love this magazine, and I love to cook," Shaw said.

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