Post Falls middle school student disciplined for threatening note


POST FALLS, Idaho -"I can't read the letter, I can't read the words again."

That’s the reality Julie Hollett faces.

She says her son received a threatening letter in his locker at River City Middle School Tuesday.

The letter tells her son to meet at the basketball court, and if he doesn’t show, he could die.

“How does an 11 year old get to go to school like that,” Hollett said.

A scary instance, but the Post Falls School District tells KHQ the threat was not credible.

In fact, the student who wrote the note meant it as a joke, the district said.

But just as you can’t yell bomb on an airplane, you can’t write false threats without consequence.

“Even in just threatening statements of any sort are not going to be tolerated,” Jerry Keane said, “we live in an era where we can not dismiss any kind of threat of any nature."

Post Falls Superintendent Jerry Keane says they were quickly able to find the boy who wrote the note and discipline according to district policy.

According to the student handbook, that usually means getting suspended from school, but may also include notifying law enforcement and mandatory counseling.

As far as bullying and threats, Hollett says parents need to talk more to their kids about their actions.

“It’s not OK to bully, it's not OK to be mean, it's not OK to be nasty, and it's definitely not OK to write death threats,” she said.

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