Spokane YWCA hosts Domestic Violence Action Month


SPOKANE, Wash. -All October long, the YWCA will be hosting trainings and events for Domestic Violence Action Month.

Instead of awareness, it's a call to action for victims of domestic violence.

“Victims and survivors, they just really want to tell their story and they don't need somebody else telling them another thing of what they need to do,” Nicole Nimens said, “they need to feel empowered because they really truly are the experts into their lives."

Nimens is the education and outreach coordinator for the YWCA.

She says the more we continue the conversation of domestic violence, the easier it becomes for victims to find their voice.

“It is a thousand percent preventable, we just have to come together as a community,” Nimens said.

Along with the trainings and events, several Spokane landmarks will be lit up purple to support Domestic Violence Action Month.

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