Halloween decoration causes unintentional racial scare


SPOKANE, Wash. -This wasn't the type of shock value Gabrial Tucker was expecting when she made a decorative scarecrow to put in front of her home.

"It was just a Safeway bag," she said.

Several drivers passing by thought it was much more. Multiple people believed the scarecrow was a racist message, including Francis Navarette.

Tucker, who has a black parent, made the decoration with her two kids without any racial undertones in mind. 

"I was thinking, for sure, that it was a racial statement and I was just flabbergasted," he said.

Navarette has only lived in Spokane for about five months, but said he's experienced racism firsthand. According to Navarette, he walked into an apartment looking to rent a unit, but a worker assumed he was a landscaper working on the property. After finding out he was looking for a rental, she assumed he met low-income qualifications.

Navarette admits his personal experience affected how he saw the decoration. He also said finding out the real story behind the scarecrow is causing him to reflect on his own biases.

"My defense's were up... I kind of feel like maybe I'm the ignorant one. I don't know man. I don't know what to think of it now," he said.

Tucker put the decoration down to avoid any confusion, but also said, "That right there is something ridiculous. I was not trying to say, 'Hey, look, I'm the most racist person here.' No, I just wanted to prove I have an awesome house."

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