Senior citizens still searching for new homes after being forced out


SPOKANE, Wash. -A group of roughly 60 senior citizens has been forced out of the retirement community they call home.

Residents of the Academy Retirement Community in Spokane were given a notice Wednesday to vacate the property by Nov. 15.

According to Al Gilmour, a Senior Care Advisor for Angel Senior Care, there are around 17 apartments for independent seniors available in Spokane.

"It's difficult as you can only imagine that they're being displaced," said Gilmour. "I've been in and out of this building numerous times with other clients, I've placed people here, it was a nice facility, very warm and friendly, lots of activities, and these people have become family. They've become each others family so you can only imagine they're leaving a group of friends."

Gilmour says he knows of 11 residents who have already found a place to live. That leaves around 30 people who will have to find other options due to independent senior housing shortages.

Nearly 40 employees of the Academy will also be out of a job come Nov. 15. 

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