K9s practice helicopter deployment at Spokane training


SPOKANE, Wash. -We've shown you some pretty talented dogs over the years, but now get ready to see some fearless ones.

KHQ was at the Spokane Police Academy Thursday where officers and their K9s practiced helicopter deployment.

For most of the dogs, it was their first time practicing helicopter deployment. But they know what to do, right when that door opens, they go straight for the quarry.

A quarry is the name they give to the "bad guy".

It's a tough job, because these K9 officers are intense.

"He'd be ready to jump out of a helicopter and go after him before it even lands," Leachman said.

Officer Leachman is from Alberta, Canada. Together with his K9, Finn, the two practiced how they would respond to an emergency, if they ever needed to fly to a scene.

"You can't get the door open fast enough for him to go out there and get them," Leachman said.

Finn, along with 10 other K-9's from Oregon, Idaho, Canada and all over Washington got a chance to take a quick flight. After waiting for their handler's OK, the dogs bolted straight for the target.

"They know the game, it's a different environment, but it's the same game they always play," Leachman said.

Even though Spokane Police Officers say they might never need to use a helicopter, they want them to be ready.

"We literally try to think of everything possible that we might see out on the street," said Spokane Police officer Hamilton. 

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