Owner whose dogs were found in silo talks recovery, award nomination


MEDICAL LAKE, Wash. -How long do you keep up your lost pet signs? For Jessica Donges, the answer was as long as it took.

She never gave up. When Zeus and Ziva ran away from home, she searched until they were back in her arms.

Donges says the two disappeared for 21 days.

The thought of losing her dogs was unbearable. So much so, that she ventured to an abandoned missile silo, not far from her house.

Sure enough, her dogs were stuck there. Each looking much slimmer than she last saw them.

But now, Donges is saying something positive has happened to her dogs since their adventure.

"They were nominated for the month of April for the most unusual claim of the month for Nationwide pet insurance," Donges said.

If Zeus and Ziva win, Nationwide will grant $10,000 to the Spokane pet emergency clinic that treated the shepherds.

"The money goes towards animals who's owners normally couldn't afford treatment for them," Donges said.

Donges is proud to report her animals have fully recovered, and hopes everyone votes for her daring duo to win the "Hambone Award."

"I was kinda amazed, I think it's a really cool thing that they're doing," Donges said.

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