School bus drivers jump in to help after fire


CHENEY, Wash. -The flames got a little too close for comfort to a local elementary school along I-90.

KHQ met with a group of responders who were ready to help students escape the danger at a moment's notice if needed.

When a brush fire started spreading rapidly, Ellen Holland got her team ready at Snowden Elementary.

Holland is the assistant director for the Cheney School District. She's driven buses for years, but has never had to make an emergency call in to her drivers about a fire near the school.

"They jumped right up and said I'll be right there as soon as I can," Holland said.

Even though the drivers came in hours early to their shift, she tells us they never hesitated to jump into action.

"We'll stay as long as we need," Holland said.

The school thankfully didn't have to escort the kids away from class, but Holland was appreciative that so many drivers were willing to wait, just in case.

"Bus drivers in general are very helpful people," Holland said.

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