Detectives identify woman found in Spokane River


SPOKANE, Wash. -Update: Detectives have identified the woman found in the Spokane River September 15 just hours after releasing a rending of what she may have looked like. Detectives continue to work to determine what occurred prior to her death.

Update: The Spokane County Sheriff's Office and Medical Examiner's Office have released a photographic rendering in hoping to identify the body of a woman found in the Spokane River on September 15.

They say this rendering is a re-creation/approximation or possible appearance of what the woman may have looked like, not an actual picture of the woman.

Because there was no identification found at the scene plus the inability to identify using fingerprints, investigators hope this rendering along with previous information and pictures of her clothing will help identify her.

UPDATE: Spokane County Major Crimes Detectives/Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office Release Photographic Rendering of Unidentified Female Found in Spokane River #SCSO #Spokane #SpokaneValley #CdA #Missing #MissingPerson

— SpokaneSheriffOffice (@SpokaneSheriff) September 20, 2018

Previous coverage: Spokane County Sheriff's Major Crimes detectives continue to work on identifying the body of a woman found in the Spokane River on September 15.

Detectives have received several tips, which they continue to follow up and investigate, but so far the woman has not been identified. 

Investigators believe the woman may not be from the local area since there are no missing persons reports or tips that match the woman's description, and they do not believe she was homeless.

Investigators released more information Wednesday with the hope of learning her identity. 

Updated Description:

White female, approximately 5’03” & 120 lbs.

Estimated 40-60 years of age

14” long dark hair with flecks/speckling of gray in an intricate bun/pony tail using numerous barrettes

No Tattoos, a small scar on her back

Pierced Ears

She was wearing tan Outer Edge cargo zipper pants/shorts (medium), a black/white lightweight long-sleeved hoodie (Your ♥ Clothing with a California Republic design) with a bright floral print shirt/swim top underneath, “Pink” black/gray shorts, brown Keen sandals, silver neckless and earrings.  Her body is estimated to have been in the river for a week or more east of Harvard Road.  The current of the river may have carried her body during that time from Barker Road or possibly further east. 

If you can assist Detectives learn the identity of this female or have any information regarding this investigation, you are urged to call Detective Mike Drapeau at 509-477-6921 reference #10130020.

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