Elementary school kids go to great lengths to protect flag in Hayden


HAYDEN, Idaho -An act of patriotism is going viral online after a Hayden mom caught it on camera.

Our viewer Amanda sent us the photo she took at Hayden Meadows Elementary School. She says while she was waiting to pick up her children from school, she saw the trio of kids taking down the flag.

"Wow! I just watched the most amazing act of Patriotism! Was waiting to pick up my children from school when three boys took down the flag. They were having a hard time making sure it didn’t touch the ground when the third boy laid under it to honor not letting it touch the ground," Amanda wrote.

We posted the photo on our Facebook page Wednesday night and it quickly garnered dozens of comments and shares.

"Kids have a lot more class and honor than so many adults today," one commenter wrote. "Kudos to these kids," wrote another.

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