Vandals' soapy pond prank kills Post Fall family's expensive fish


POST FALLS, Idaho -That's the question a Post Falls neighborhood is asking afte vandals threw laundry detergent into their ponds, killing expensive fish and ruining yards.

Sunday morning, Ethan Litz and his family woke up to the suds.

"Two people came around through the neighborhood and threw Tide pods in our pond and our neighbors pond," Litz said.

Now, his families pond is empty amongst the landscape.

It was a sacred spot for Ethan's family.

"We used to have two of them but we decided to turn it into one big one," Litz said, "we dug a huge hole, took us days to cement it and dig it and it took us months to be able to get the fish to be able to survive in it by running it over and over."

He says the vandals hit the pond Saturday night.

Aside from the damage done, Litz says the Koi fish, who weren't cheap, died from the detergent.

"I don't understand why anyone would do this," he said, "I mean, I wouldn't want my kids running around doing that and if this was their pond, I don't think they would want this to happen to them."

Litz and his family hope whoever did this will come forward.

"And say they are sorry and just let us know that they did that and take the consequences for what they did," Litz said.

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