Police impersonator attempts to pull over Spokane woman


SPOKANE, Wash. -"He told me to pull over, and my jaw just dropped," a Spokane woman, who says a fake police officer tried to pull her over, doesn't want to be named. In fear, this could happen again.

"It really scared me and kind of threw me off that night. I don't even want to drive by myself anymore," she said.

She tells me that she was driving around North Spokane at night on her way home from work. She said a car started following her, getting closer and closer, when suddenly.

"He had pulled up on the left side, and I was on the right. He had rolled his window down, flipped open a badge and told me that I needed to pull over, or he was going to call for backup," she said.

She tells me that he was in a white mini-van, without any indication that it was an undercover police car.

"As soon as the light turned green, I hit my pedal and tried to get as fast away from him as I could," she said.

Although this is a rare occurrence, Washington State Patrol Trooper Jeff Sevigney says, it does happen.

But there are some things you can do if this does happen to you.

"Pulling into a public place where there are other people around who can see what's going on," Sevigney said.

Sevigney says to check and see if there are any blue lights on the car.

"If you just see red, or you see amber, that's not a law enforcement vehicle," Sevigney said.

Next, ask for their commission card, if they can't present it, call 9-1-1.

"Sometimes officers are in plain clothes, if they are, they should still have the proper credentials" Sevigney said.

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