Local non-profit delivers beds for children in need


SPOKANE, Wash. -Jan Spackman, her husband, and son along with dozens of other volunteers took time out of their weekend to give back to others in need.

“They're pretty excited. A lot of the times we've had kids come running to us saying our beds are here our beds are here," said Spackman, Spokane Chapter President for Sleep in Heavenly Peace. 

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a non-profit organization, and they have a specific mission to make sure that no kids in Spokane sleep on the floor.

"Some of these kids have never had a bed, some of them have never had a pillow, so it's really a great experience for us to see that joy," added Spackman.

Right now there is a waiting list of 200 kids in the Spokane area that are in need of a bed. This weekend and weekend of September 22nd, 2018 they will be delivering up to 110 beds. Some kids have been on the waiting list since December of last year.

The bed frames are built on the scene using wood frames giving it a rustics farmhouse feel. Pillows, blankets, sheets, and mattresses are then brought in for the full set up. Tamara Lear's oldest boys have been sleeping on air mattresses the last two months, and today she received a call that put a smile on her face

"It feels really good. Somebody was able to help provide bed frames and mattresses for the kids," said Lear.

If you would like to volunteer or make a donation with SHP, click here: https://www.shpbeds.org/

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