Spokane Valley family sets trap for thieves, catches them on camera


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -The Capaul family couldn't believe that after living in the same quiet neighborhood for years, that their home would be broken into multiple times, within a matter of weeks. But the family thinks this'll be the last time anyone breaks in, since they finally caught a their suspect on camera.

"We don't have many people up here in our neighborhood, never had trouble with it before," Dean Capaul said.

But two weeks ago, a man approached him about wanting to trim some trees and was trying to sell some other products.

"We kind of thought, well that's not normal," Capaul said.

And his instincts were right. He tells me that he had some scrapwire in his backyard, and a few nights later, thousands of dollars of that copper wire was taken.

Capaul tells me that the thief would come in through his backyard, because the road above his yard rarely sees any cars.

"They'd just come down the side of the hill here," Capaul said.

But the thief came back within days, and stole his son, Caron's, mountain bike.Then, the family decided to install a ring security system.

Ready to test out their new camera, Carson set a trap. He laid out a toolbox, and not long after, Carson was alerted on his phone of some activity.

"Oh wait this is the guy I've been looking for," Carson Capaul said.

You can see in the video a man ready to grab the tools, but that's when Carson set off the alarm.

"As soon as the light went on, and the siren went off, that guy took off up the hill," Capaul said.

The Capaul family tells KHQ they're very happy with their new purchase, and hope to catch whoever's been doing this.

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