Local boxing legend awarded after defending woman who was attacked


SPOKANE, Wash. -Local boxing legend, Chauncy Welliver, has been in a lot of fights. But one of his most recent bouts took place outside the ring.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office nominated Welliver for an "Outstanding Citizen" award after he took action against a man who attacked a woman.

"Am I an outstanding citizen? No. I'm just happy to be a citizen of Spokane," said Welliver. "Anybody would have done it. I'm not outstanding, I was just in right place at the right time and I'm just happy to help that girl."

Welliver, who owns Spokane Party Bus, was dropping a group of people off in April when some of his customers got into a fight. During the scuffle, Welliver says a woman was punched.

"She was knocked out," said Welliver. "There was blood everywhere, she had a cut and had to go to the hospital."

Welliver says when he tried breaking up the fight, the same man who punched the woman in the face confronted him.

"He steps back and he goes to hit me," said Welliver. "And I hit him and he goes down and he's out."

Welliver, who has won more than 50 professional bouts in his career, and was at one point ranked in the top 10 at heavyweight, says the man probably didn't know who he was.

"Am I somebody to be scared of? No," said Welliver. "Can I handle myself? Unfortunately for him in that scenario, yes I can."

According to the SCSO, Welliver assisted the female victim in the process of being assaulted. In doing so, he saved her from further injury.

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