Avista: balloons cause of power outage in Spokane Valley


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -Squirrels and balloons. This is not a riddle, just some of the latest causes of power outages in Spokane County, the latter happening Sunday in Spokane Valley.

Avista Utilities reported an outage around 1 p.m. today that left over 1,000 customers without power in the Dishman area.

They reported that balloons got into power lines, causing the outage.

Crews were able to clean up the balloons and re-energize the lines, restoring power around an hour after the outage was reported.

Some people in the area weren't too happy about the timing of the outage, as a few fans said on KHQ's Facebook page that they were missing the Seattle Seahawks' game against the Denver Broncos this afternoon as a result.

A few weeks ago, a squirrel got into a substation and tripped equipment that took a transformer down, affecting 3 feeders and leaving over 6,000 without power in north Spokane.

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