Spokane man offers last snapshots of summer


SPOKANE, Wash. -With summer coming to a close, memories of the season will soon start to fade like the leaves on the trees.

But one man is putting a nostalgic spin on capturing those summer memories to keep them from fading. He's giving people in our area a reason to smile for the camera.

"Oh that's a beautiful smile," Mike Wadford said.

He says this summer he's bringing back a blast from the past.

"If you guys pop together I'll get give you a Polaroid," Wadford said.

Wadford spends his free time with his Polaroid camera asking to take peoples' pictures, but expects nothing in return.

"It's just one of those things that lets me take somebody who's being happy for a moment, and remind them later," Wadford said.

Over the past month,he's spent $700 on film.

"There isn't a price that's worth that," Wadford said.

He said that Polaroids offer something that people really love: a sense of nostalgia.  Mike says he's afraid that too many times people take a picture on their phone, but then the moment is forgotten.

"Unless you're posting it to some sort of social media, you're not looking at it again," Wadford said.

He says by having instant copies, it's a simple way to look back at the day and smile.

"You've really got something that people love," Wadford said.

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