Former Daiquiri Factory owner files complaint against Spokane PD


SPOKANE, Wash. -Identity theft.  Forgery. Perjury. Three crimes that have kept former Spokane Daiquiri Factory Jamie Pendleton behind bars for the past three months. 

But in the past month, Pendleton has been very busy, and from his cell at the Spokane County Jail he's filed a federal complaint against the Spokane Police Department, the Spokane County Prosecutor's office, and others. 

Pendleton claims law enforcement and prosecutors used false information to come after him and keep him behind bars. He writes, in his complaint, that he's been detained "as a result of City of Spokane Police Officers... acting under the cover [of] law, engaging in an unlawful, unreasonable, and arbitrary investigation, illegal seizures and searches of plaintiff's property, which was used to later apply for illegal search warrants and police reports which were leaked to the press to slander and libel plaintiff before the defective information was filed."

Pendleton is seeking unspecified damages for "the wrongful arrest and imprisonment due to the actions and conspiracy in concert by all defendants to maliciously prosecute the plaintiff. Also seeking attorney fees and awards determined by court." 

Pendleton made headlines in 2014 when he opened a bar called "The Daiquiri Factory." The bar had been promoting a drink called "Date Grape Kool-Aid," which outraged many people and even led to the creation of a Facebook page called "Boycott the Spokane Daiquiri Factory." Pendleton refused to change the drink's name for weeks, before finally relenting and renaming it "Grape Q-Laid." 

The bar closed in just 5 months, but two years later Pendleton opened another Daiquiri Factory and courted similar controversy. 

Pendleton's trial for identity theft, forgery and perjury is set to begin October 1st.

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