invited into house took off with thousands in property


NEWMAN LAKE, Wash. -Saturday night in Newman Lake one family's home had thousands of dollars worth of property stolen. The crazy part was, the burglars were invited into the home, and the owner said this looks like something they have done before.

The homeowner, Terry Hoy, was upstairs sleeping. He says his son had gone out for the night and met some people. The new friends offered him a ride home around midnight.

"He invited them into the garage, they were playing some music and just hanging out," Hoy said.

But those four had a different plan for the night. Hoy's son had built his own computer, and his guests asked to go into his room and see it.

"While he was in his room, a couple of them would leave and go out through the garage and start taking stuff out of the house, putting it in their car and stealing from us," Hoy said.

What shocked Hoy even more was that, to him, the four looked like they were in their late teens.

"These kids are young, you wouldn't expect that, but it happens," Hoy said.

They stole Hoy's vintage guitar, his son's computer, and wife's Echo Dot and his friend's drum kit mic set.

"This is not their first rodeo, they've done this before I think," Hoy said.

Hoy alerted Crime Check and said if anything, this is a lesson for his son and he's happy no one in his family was hurt.

We checked with the sheriff's office and they told us they are investigating.

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