Valley firefighters raise thousands of dollars for muscular dystropy camp


LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. -It's a tradition that Spokane Valley Firefighters take part in every year. Helping raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. A cause firefighters across the country have been raising cash for nearly 60 years. 

"The best part about it is that all the money we are raising is staying right here in Spokane and it's going to the local office," said firefighter Brett Gombasy.

Filling the boot gives local children who have muscular dystrophy, which is a hereditary condition marked by progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles, a chance to get out and go to summer camps but also help finance a lot of support programs and the research into the disease.

 Last year Brett and other firefighters had the chance to go to one of the summer camps.

"There were dozens of kids just out having a great time trying to do everything just in normal life, and it's quite a privilege to be able to help them do that,” said Gombasy.

Brett says standing for hours filling the boot for the MDA foundation is worth it.

"Being able to go to those events and being able to make a difference for even one of them definitely makes it worth it," Gombasy said.

Just before noon they had raised just over $5,000. The goal for the day is $10,000. We will have an update for you with the final number once it comes in. If you would like to donate to the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Spokane click here.

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