Vandals dump picnic tables into Bear Lake


CHATTAROY, Wash. -It was certainly no picnic for one local couple who was just trying to enjoy lunch at Bear Lake. They found up to seven picnic tables dumped into the water.

"We sat in the dirt yesterday because there's no picnic tables," Steve Sanders said.

Other beach-goers were also disappointed to find fewer seats Thursday. County crews said while the lake has seen vandalism before, it's never been quite this bad.

People like Sanders hope whoever did this realizes it's not funny.

"I'm not the one who can pick their punishment but I wish I was," Sanders said. "I certainly hope it's more than a slap on the wrist."

County crews said several honey buckets were also knocked over, likely the same night the tables were thrown in.  They worked to removed them Thursday afternoon.

If anyone has any information on this vandalism incident, call Crime Check at 509.456.2233.

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