Doggie Dips coming to Spokane City Pools!


SPOKANE, Wash. -If we must begin preparing for the end of summer, the adorableness of dogs swimming is certainly one way to soften the blow. 

Summer is winding down, but doggie dips are coming! 

Spokane City Pools will be giving the pups a chance to plunge in the pool as the season comes to an end. 

The event, which raises money for the High Bridge Dog Park kicks off at Comstock on Saturday, August 26, 3:30 pm. The complete schedule is as follows: 

Comstock: 8/26 3:30-5 PM

Shadle: 8/27 5:30-7 PM

Hillyard: 8/28 5:30-7 PM

A.M. Cannon: 8/29 5:30-7 PM

Liberty: 8/30 5:30-7 PM

To participate, dogs must be well-mannered, healthy, and attended to by an owner who has proof of an up-to-date rabies vaccination. Owners can pre-register for one of the Doggie Dips HERE, or bring $10 to the pool on the day of the event. 

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