Father, daughters clean bench found with graffiti at Spokane park


SPOKANE, Wash. -Kids are supposed to come be kids, not exposed to poor graffiti. That's what one Spokane father is saying after he says a playground where his little girls play at, was found vandalized over the weekend.

Loma Vista Park is a popular spot for Jacob Gallion and his two daughters. The 7-year-old twins have been coming to the park since they were one.

Aurora and Adaya say their favorite part is coming to Loma Vista Park with their dad.

It's a clean, well-kept park. However, something happened over the weekend. "Just hate slurs and graphic pictures," said Gallion.

Gallion saw a post on Facebook in a local group called, 'Man The Family Up' full of pictures of what someone discovered while going to the park. Gallion says he couldn't believe someone would graffiti the playground and the area around it, so he decided to take action with friends from the online group and his little girls.

"Instead of going to the lake, we got into my truck and we drove to Ace (Hardware) and picked up rags and graffiti remover," Gallion said.

The girls scrubbed a bench off, making it spotless, while others got rid of the graffiti on the slides.

"They did it without complaining and they did it just like everything else we do. They just get right in and do what needs to be done and they do it with a good attitude," said Gallion.

Now, everything is back to looking the way it should. The girls say it made them feel happy to clean the bench. "I want to raise my kids with character because someday, it's not if, they are going to make mistakes and when they do make mistakes, I want them to have the foundation to fall on," said Gallion.

The city of Spokane park maintenance crew noticed the graffiti over the weekend and planned on cleaning it up within 48 hours. The city says, the group went above and beyond, cleaning it up themselves.


The city says they are always there to clean up graffiti and anyone can report it to 311.

If you happen to know anything about the vandalism, you are asked to report it to Crime Check: (509) 456-2233.

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