East Spokane home targeted by burglars 3 times in 2 months


SPOKANE, Wash. -Tonight a local woman is searching for answers as to who would steal from her mother in the middle of the night. The worst part is, it wasn't even the first time. During the day, the streets are quiet in the Minnehaha neighborhood. At night-- that all changes.

"It's almost like they wait for you to leave and then they'll break into your house."


Amber Tharp and her family know this all too well. Over the last month and a half, their home has been targeted by thieves 3 times. In June, their home near Rebecca and Carlisle was burglarized while they were on vacation. 


"Everything was kind of missing. Guns were missing, jewelry was all gone, all of our electronics, important papers were gone. They even stole our car." 

Then, last month three men were chased off as they tried getting into the family's travel trailer in their driveway. Finally, early this morning, a man was caught on camera letting himself into the backyard-- only to leave a few minutes later empty handed. 


Their neighbor wasn't so lucky. That same man was caught another camera next door stealing a barbecue. Amber says the thieves are anything but camera shy. 

"They're plain as day; you can see the cameras on the house. A light flashes on when you step on certain property, but they don't seem to care." 


Over the last year, home burglaries in this area are up by nearly a third, leaving families afraid to go anywhere. 

 "We don't even want to go outside because we don't want people to think we're getting ready to leave. We feel like we're being watched."


Amber posted videos and pictures of the would-be burglars online hoping someone would recognize them. She says the burglaries have actually brought neighbors together, now looking out for each other.

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