Hazardous wildfire smoke could affect your heart


Once the smoke and particles hits your lungs, it’s like you feel you’re at a campfire.

But the can go from your lungs and into your blood stream and affects your heart.

The hazardous conditions especially impacts those who have heart disease or a history of heart attacks.

Doctors say the smoke entering your lungs and blood stream is comparable to smoking cigarettes.

The particle from inside the smoke is what causes inflammation in the lining of the blood vessels, which in turn compounds and could lead to stroke or a heart attack.

Ian Riddock, a cardiologist with Multi-Care Rockwood in Spokane Valley, says the best thing for people who have heart problems is to heed the warnings of staying indoors.

“The more that they can continue to move and keep their body moving and eat healthy and keep the blood vessels as healthy as possible,” Riddock said, ‘but please maybe do that inside when it's not so hazardous outside."

“But that's not an excuse to sit on the couch and stay inside and be completely sedintary, we want people, we want people to get up and move and keep themselves healthy because sitting around can lead to other problems too," Riddock said.

If you do want to stay active and keep your heart healthy, take your workout inside.

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