Air quality reaches hazardous levels in Spokane


SPOKANE, Wash. -Windy conditions and wildfire smoke have hit the Inland Northwest hard as air quality levels rose throughout the day, ending up in the hazardous range Sunday evening.

Changes in wind direction have brought over more smoke to the area from wildfires around northern and central Washington, as well as from British Columbia.

The smoke continues to pummel the northwest, as Spokane has reached the 300 level of hazardous after being in the "very unhealthy" range throughout the afternoon. Other nearby regions have been in the "very unhealthy" to "hazardous" range.

During "very unhealthy" conditions, everyone is encouraged to stay indoors, avoid strenuous activity, close windows and doors, set air conditioners to recirculate, and use a HEPA air filter if possible. When conditions are hazardous, the Spokane Clean Air Agency recommends people with heart or lung disease or those who have had a stroke, to consult their healthcare provider about leaving the area.

The air quality issues have forced many closures and cancellations in Spokane. All aquatic centers are closed Sunday, and Spokane Recreational League events are cancelled.

Multiple area high school sports have reported either cancelling or moving practices indoors.

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