Heat wave raises concerns for kids' outdoor activities


SPOKANE, Wash. -"With conditions being as extreme as they are right now, I think a little bit of prudence is worth while," Bob Lutz, Spokane County Health Officer, said. He tells KHQ that on days like this, when the weather is expected to be 103, it's better to be playing indoors than risking heat stroke.

"It doesn't make sense to be pushing the body, to be pushing young peoples bodies to the point where they're passing out," Lutz said.

We've all had that feeling, lightheaded, vision going black, maybe you're even seeing stars. You know it's time to sit down and take a break.

"Kids don't always know that." Lutz said, "they don't always know the sign of heat illness"

With kids on summer break, many are excited to play outside. But Spokane Parks and Recreation tells me that 103 degrees is when they have to cancel outdoor events, or move kids indoors.

Lutz agrees with their decision on this.

"I'd rather have them cancel than have to deal with any further complications"

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