Teen suspected of Lewis and Clark threats back in court


SPOKANE, Wash. -The 18-year-old accused of threatening to shoot up Lewis and Clark High School back in June, went back to court. Police arrested Ryan Lee for violating his conditions of release. He's awaiting trial for posting online threats to kill his classmates.

Lee wasn't supposed to have contact with kids or teens until his court date and police say he attended a church-run youth camp and even showed up at Hoopfest as a court monitor.

The conditions for his release on $100,000 bond were tied to the original charges of using social networks to contact other teens, including death threats and at least one instance of sending an explicit message to a 15-year-old.

Police say at this time, while Lee has had new contact with minors at the church camp, his parents were supervising Lee the entire time. However, prosecutors provided screenshots too saying that after the camp, Lee posted on Instagram, saying quote, "Thank you for the fun week."

Lee wasn't supposed to have access to the internet and social media at all while awaiting trial. Prosecutors pointed out that Instagram was the same social media avenue that Lee used to make threats against Lewis and Clark High School. However, Lee's attorney said that Lee never posted about the church youth camp, claiming instead that someone else must have created an account under Ryan Lee's name.

The judge, Maryann Moreno says she's not sure why there was a misunderstanding for his conditions and said she was boggled by it.

Moreno went ahead and made the order more strict, citing that he cannot make any contact with minors and that he should not be at church youth camps or Hoopfest since there are minors around.

He was re-released on his current bond.

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