Spokane woman says a stranger pelted her dog with a rock


SPOKANE, Wash. -Who would hurt an animal? That's the question a Spokane pet owner is asking Tuesday after she says she saw a man pelt her dog with a rock, leaving the dog with a gash on his head.

When Jeneca Durham heard her dog in the backyard barking differently than usual, she says she rushed to check it out.

"There was this random guy, and he had a rock in his hand," Durham said.

What happened next to Durham's pit bull, Marshall, she never expected.

"He just pelted Marshall right between the eyes with this rock," Durham said.

Durham lives on Oak and Central in northwest Spokane. She tells me it's normally a very quiet neighborhood. She says she was shocked someone would do this to her dog.

"The sound of it hitting his head was terrible, but then the sound he made was just horrific," Durham said.

Durham told me Marshall looked so awful, covered in blood, and she was afraid he might have brain damage.

"About an hour after it happened he was really skittish," Durham said.

She is happy to report that he is recovering, and Marshall is doing much better.

Police are investigating and say they've arrested a man who may be connected to the case.

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