Cowboy brightens the day of Spokane cancer patients with new hats


SPOKANE, Wash. -Hats off to a kind cowboy brightening the day of local cancer patients as well as they're siblings. He delivered one of a kind hats at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital Friday morning.

Comedian Bill Martin and his wife founded the organization "Cowboys Who Care." Martin tours the country doing comedy shows and always makes time to visit the local hospital.

"Sometimes who you see the smile most on is mom and dad's face," Martin said. "Because for 10 minutes, that kid is no longer sick, they are a cowboy or cowgirl."

One of the cowgirls in Spokane is five-year-old Kaya. She was diagnosed with leukemia in April. The chemo is already taking a toll on her favorite feature.

"The hair part is what's really hard for her," her mother Jingle said. "She's a girlie kid."

Kaya often tells her mother, through tears, her fears about losing her hair.

"She'll say, 'I don't want my friends to embarrass me and laugh at me,'" her mother said. "It's really hard, she wants to have long hair and be a princess."

But a cowgirl is the next best thing. Kaya beamed as she got a new hat with "beautiful jewels."

"I live for that moment when she's happy," Jingle said. "It's not easy. Nobody wants to be in this club. When she's happy, I'm happy."

Bill says reactions like that make it all so worth it.

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