Officer, fate save Spokane five-year-old's life


SPOKANE, Wash. -A five-year-old little boy is alive after a traumatic incident thanks to fate and the fast actions of a Spokane Police officer. His family said they can never thank the first responders who help enough, especially officer Lewis.

Last month, little Keenan Woods had a massive seizure while he was napping. His father, Abe, said he normally lets Keenan sleep until he wakes up on his own. He says a feeling he simply can't explain compelled him to check on his son a second time. An action that saved his little boy.

"I ended up having this weird intuitive feeling," Abe said. "I saw him with his eyes open, I thought he was awake. I walked over saw throw-up on the bed. He wasn't responding at all. I thought Keenan was dead."

Keenan's sister called 911 while Abe did CPR. Keenan was in bad shape until Officer Brad Lewis showed up.

"Officer Lewis, with his medic training in the army, he knew exactly what do," said Keenan's mother Malia. "He knew exactly what to do. He was the most trained individual who could have shown up. He kept our son alive until paramedics came."

Days in the hospital followed, some of which, Keenan was on a venelator. He showed everyone his little body packs a big fight.

"He did so well," Malia said.

Keenan says if he could say anything to Officer Lewis it would be a simple but heartfelt, "thank you."

His family says they are so grateful for all the first responders and hospital staff as well.

"We can never say thank you enough," she said.

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